The Hussla Squad

E-Learning Match Betting Service

Project Time

Jan 2023 - March 2023


Design Lead (Freelance)


Client: The Hussla Squad

Design Lead
Development Lead


UX / UI Design
QA Testing

The Hussla Squad is an
e-learning service who aim to change the gambling culture in Australia. They set out to achieve three goals: increase new user acquisition, enhance the service for existing users, and create a scalable system for a wider range of courses.

They have tasked my development team and I to design and build a new website to help attain these goals.

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The Hussla Squad aim to change the gambling culture of Australia through our passionate education, tutorials, coaching and discussions.

Their current site sadly was not up to the standard they wanted to provide premium service they want to offer. Listed are the core challenges that were discovered during the project:

New Look for an Existing CMS

We revamped their current Content Management System while elevating the user experience on the front end within its limitations.

Content Structure

Restructuring for tutorials and coaching modules to improve user understanding and engagement.

Improving Business Outcomes

To boost business outcomes, we had to strategically optimise the site for tangible impact.

Sitemap Restructure

During the research phase, I focused on optimising the website's navigation for an improved user experience. Additionally, I carefully considered and integrated the client's desired features into the revised IA to ensure a cohesive and user-friendly design. One of challenges we had to face was to work within the means of their existing backend system and APIs.

Existing Sitemap

Hussla Existing Sitemap

New Sitemap

Hussla New Sitemap

A Revamped Course Page

Recognising a significant opportunity for enhancement, I set out to improve how users interacted with course content and accessed lessons. The previous website suffered from a clunky and overwhelming interface, burdening users with excessive scrolling and information overload before reaching the core content.

To address this, I made it a priority to streamline the user experience and prioritise the course structure. By carefully redesigning the layout, I ensured that essential information was readily accessible, allowing users to grasp the course's structure and content at a glance.

Through intuitive design decisions, I facilitated easy navigation and quick access to lessons, empowering users to engage with the content seamlessly. The result was a transformed learning experience that removed friction and provided a clear and enjoyable pathway for users to explore and absorb course material.

By optimising the course viewing process, the new design maximised user satisfaction and engagement, setting the stage for increased retention and success for both learners and the platform as a whole.

Course Page

Hussla Course Page

Lessons Page

Hussla Lessons

Final Build

Through collaborative efforts with our clients and the development team, we crafted a robust and scalable solution. Our focus was on fashioning a platform that addresses current needs while accommodating future growth. The outcome is a dynamic system, adaptable to evolving client and business requirements.

We enhanced their learning platform, enriching the educational experience for new and existing customers. Additionally, we achieved content flexibility, empowering clients to manage and update content effortlessly. The streamlined content management system simplified introducing new courses, modules, and resources, resulting in reduced administrative overhead and heightened platform efficiency.

12% Increase

in New User Sign Up within 6 Months of Launch

28% Improvement

in User Engagement

15% Reduction

in Administration Overhead

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