Oscar Group

Multi Tenant E-Commerce Store

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Feb 2023 - Ongoing


Digital Design Lead


Client: Oscar Group

Managing Director
Digital Design Lead
Head of Engineering


UX/UI Design
QA Testing

Oscar Group, a furnishing company who’s goal is to improve individual’s lifestyle through their products. They were in the process of a digital face-lift and was in need of a multi tenant system that caters an e-commerce store for all of their sub brands.

Disruptiv Digital were tasked on an end-to-end project, delivering on multiple
e-commerce stores that centralises all their content and inventory through one CMS.

During my tenure at Disruptiv, we completed the first sub brand that would be used as the foundation for the other brands:

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Oscar Hero 2


Oscar Group’s mission is to improve individual’s lifestyle through innovative and sustainable products. They also want to replicate that through their service as well.

At the moment their current websites were lead gen focused and would like to improve on both their customer’s experience and their admin.

Our team identified some core problems that we would like solve for their first phase of MVP:

New Brand. New Look.

To translate their vibrant new identity into a cohesive and visually captivating digital presence.

Sub Brand Management

Aiming to establish an integrated system that streamlined admin tasks and enabled seamless content management ensuring consistency and effectiveness.

Over 2000+ SKUs

To implement features that effectively guide users through a vast assortment of offerings.

Research & Concepts

As the lead designer, I oversaw the entire project's design phase, from research and wireframing to final high-fidelity screens. With the client's recent rebranding, we aimed to incorporate their new look and feel into the websites. Through competitor research, we developed and presented three unique concepts, enabling the client to choose the perfect direction for their online presence.

Multi-Tenant Design

We were mindful of the need for consistency across the sub-brands' websites. Understanding the importance of cohesive branding,
we ensured that the concepts we designed could be effectively shared and adapted across all related websites.

Once the client finalised their preferred concept (Concept 3), we promptly provided quick mockup designs for the other brands, streamlining the implementation process and maintaining a unified visual identity throughout their entire online portfolio. This approach not only optimised efficiency but also reinforced the client's brand presence, establishing a harmonious and recognisable user experience across all web properties.

Oscar MultiTenant

Prototyping & Testing

For our clients, the prototype offered a tangible glimpse into the application's functionality, showcasing the envisioned animations and flow in action. This interactive representation provided them with a firsthand understanding of how the application would unfold for their users, fostering a deeper appreciation of the overall user experience.

The low-functioning prototype served as a powerful communication tool during client meetings and discussions. It enabled us to gather valuable feedback, iterate on the design, and align the final product more closely with the client's vision and expectations.

Taking it even further, we conducted User Testing & Interviews with 13 applicants. The results were truly encouraging, with a remarkable System Usability Scale (SUS) score of 79.4. This score, a testament to the application's usability, reinforced that our design choices were on the right track and confirmed that the user experience was set to be a hit.

Oscar Dynamic

Final Build & Next Steps

I collaborated closely with the development team, conducting rigorous QA tests throughout the process.

By examining and testing every aspect of the build, we identified and resolved any potential issues and inconsistencies. Our dedication to achieving perfection ensured that the first sub-brand's website was impeccably crafted, meeting both the client's expectations and our high standards of quality.

When we launched the first website, our engineering team started to work on the next sub-brand: Oscar Care.

Oscar Living have achieved the following since launch:

17% More Sale Quotes

within 6 Months of Launch

26% Increase

in Daily Active Users

4.5/5 CSAT Score

after Redesign. Previous design scored a 2.0/5

Oscar Final

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